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Owatrol Oil Cut Edge Corrosion Solution

Owatrol Oil Cut Edge Corrosion Solution

Cut edge corrosion and general corrosion problems on steel roofing can now be solved quickly and cost efficiently with a unique, long lasting solution.

The Problem:

Inadequately protected cut edges on sheet metal roofing corrode, and left unchecked eventually leads to more damage & more costs.

When you want to stop corrosion, keep out water and prolong the life of the roof this is the solution.

First step is to deal with the rust.

Step 1 – Remove all loose rust scale and peeling coatings. (Detailed instructions available on request)

Step 2 -  Apply a generous coat of Owatrol to the entire rusted area and where possible ‘inject’ Owatrol up between the roof sheet seams. Apply Owatrol to all rusted fastener heads etc. and leave a minimum of 24 hours to dry. The Owatrol penetrates deep into the most minute rust pores and up under the seams driving out any moisture and oxygen present.

After 24 hours the Owatrol dries into a flexible, clear membrane which prevents any further ingress of water and oxygen (rust food) thereby bringing the rusting process to a stop.

When Owatrol has dried it is ready for two coats of GacoPro (grey or heat reflecting white)