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Owl DUCKY is a powerful, Eco Friendly, colourless, breathable water repellent for exposed walls and buildings. Keeps out wind driven rain from bricks, stone, mortar, render, pebble dash, block, concrete, non glazed ceramics etc. Stops penetrating damp, protects against frost damage, being breathable, allows trapped moisture to evaporate. Compared to traditional solvent based products, DUCKY waterbased SILOXANE is not harmful to the environment or the user during application or curing.

Key Benefits: 

100% Water based, ecological, natural, not dangerous to health 

Penetrates deep 

Professional or Do It Yourself application 

Long lasting water repellancy 

Permeable to water vapour  

Does not alter the colour of the masonry but can be overpainted.

Improves the thermal effeciancy of the wall because it protects against water absorbtion and humidity 

Resists efflorescence on brick and mould on masonry 
Ideal for protection of heritage or historical buildings 
Can be used on slightly damp surfaces 
Ready to use, no mixing required. 

Bricks: 0.2 - 0.3 Litre per square meter 
Stone:  0.3 - 0.7 Litre per square meter 

CAN SIZE 5 Litres 

Application temp: 5C up to 35C 

Application: Using pump sprayer or brush apply a liberal coat taking care to cover entire surface. Apply a uniform second coat before first coat is completely dry. Repeat the application until saturation... 2 to 3 coats every hour should be sufficient. 

For best results apply to a dry absorbent surface. (The drier the surface - the better the absorbtion) DO NOT apply if rain is imminent. 

NOT SUITABLE to waterproof horizontal surfaces, basements, water basins, gypsum surfaces, elevator shafts or areas prone to ponding water. (We have other products for that purpose)