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Owl Force 10

Owl Force 10

Three component epoxy resin to waterproof in negative and positive pressure, to use as osmotic on underground wall, to encapsulate rising damp and to realize a vapour barrier over moist substrate. The product is formulated with a special epoxy resin (part A), a catalyst (part B) and special cement (part C).


Product suitable as:

• waterproofing for positive and negative pressure (counterthrust), for damp problems, when it is not possible to act directly on the origin of infiltration (ground walls, underground rooms, elevator shaft, garages, basements, cellars and tunnels);

• encapsulates rising damp and saltpetre in Diasen Dehumidifying System;

• steam barrier of ground level floors;

• filler for joints tiles and cracks on substrate to restore. Suitable inside and outside. YIELD

• 1.00 kg/m2 (62.34 ft²/gal U.S.) as vapour barrier with a support’s humidity content < 4%, in Sport Flooring or in Diasen Dehumidifying System.

• 2.00 kg/m2 (31.17 ft²/gal U.S.) as waterproofing in counterthrust.



Each bucket contains 3 components (A+B+C) ready to be mixed. 5 kg (0.86 gal U.S.) or 10 kg (1.73 gal U.S.) plastic buckets. Pallet: - n° 84 buckets of 5 kg (tot 72.24 gal U.S.); - n° 48 buckets of 10 kg (83.04 gal U.S.).


STORAGE Store the product in its original containers tightly closed, in well ventilated areas, away from sun and ice, and kept at temperature between +5°C (+41°F) and +35°C (+95°F). Storage time: 12 months.


BENEFITS • Resists to 9.5 atm (132.3 psi) of positive and negative pressure (counterthrust). • No excavation or demolition, if applied inside. • It is used as water barrier onto ground walls in Diasen Dehumidifying System (in combination with Diathonite Rinzaffo and Diathonite Deumix – see technical data sheets). • Excellent waterproofing, filling and consolidating properties. • Multipurpose solution. • Used as vapour barrier on concrete substrates. • Thanks to its osmotic properties, it avoids removal and disposal of old plasters. • Easy to plaster, or paint over and to tile. • Applicable also at low temperatures (+5 °C / +41 °F). • Solvent free product.